Branding ‘change’

The story behind Edo's visual identity

An article by Oliver Hall 23-05-2017

Change is good. We’re in the business of directing and designing it. But as a consultancy how do we visually and creatively represent it? This was the challenge of our re-brand.

The first task for the new brand was the name. Many months of discussion, brainstorming and wise council from both valued clients and valued spouses(!) led us to the name Edo. 

Edo: a Latin word meaning “to raise up and to bring forth”, which we achieve by equipping our clients, through their people, culture and technology for a positive future.

So, how to translate a conceptual narrative, one of transition, of change, of a better tomorrow? After a long day working on various visual routes, I called it a day. The night was closing in on a crisp autumn evening, and as is characteristic of that time of year, there was a spectacular sunset of bright coral and deep blue. Colours which one would never normally consider pairing were grading effortlessly and dramatically in the sky. 


This was the theme, the analogy, absolutely right. It is in this place where we so often meet our clients, in a time of transition, between two distinct places or phases. And our aim in this place is to ensure that their tomorrow is bright. The sun sets on one chapter, but the saturated hues predict the promise of an even better chapter tomorrow. 

As for the treatment of the word mark and additional typographic treatment, I wanted to echo the idea of two eras colliding: applying a formal and classic typographic style to a modern context. As for the stencil font for Edo, with our roots in Bristol, a vibrant and creative city which celebrates all forms of visual expression, most notably its street art. There’s little escaping the dramatic effect on the city, where every surface has effectively been adorned by thousands of co-creators. 


Just as the stencil artists layer their creations over the last, revealing and incorporating the surface beneath it, so do we engage with our clients, choosing to be become part of a developing narrative, rather than re-writing the story.

Edo stencil signage


Image credit: Confusedmiked

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