Edo selected as Breast Cancer Care’s digital partner

Embarking on a digital partnership

An article by Lauren Lennard 27-06-2016

Edo have been selected by Breast Cancer Care to be their digital partner in delivering “a personalised innovative digital experience for everyone affected by breast cancer”

Breast Cancer Care has established their digital vision for 2018 and beyond. The aim is:

“Every person affected by breast cancer, or motivated by our cause, is able to gain support and engage with us in a meaningful and tailored way through digital products and channels during their personal journey.”

We are thrilled to be Breast Cancer Care’s selected agency partner to assist them in achieving their digital vision. Our work will involve collaborative, operational and strategic integration with Breast Cancer Care to embed digital throughout the entire organisation. 

With a focus on user insight and evidence-based decision making, we will assist Breast Cancer Care in understanding their audiences with a view to develop a digital estate with user needs at its’ heart. 

Taking a holistic view of digital, we’ll employ a lean, agile process, using sprints to make continual, incremental improvements to the bigger picture. 

Breast Cancer Care is currently running a number of discrete digital projects, with many more in the pipeline. One of the key areas for service delivery and support is the Breast Cancer Care forum. A thriving community, the forum is a core part of the Breast Cancer Care digital estate. We’ll also be working towards longer term goals, such as examining the role of personalisation for Breast Cancer Care, and shorter-term and ongoing work including support, conversion rate optimisation and systems integrations. 

Reflecting their initial project brief, Breast Cancer Care have the vision that digital can be a positive force for change. We look forward to harnessing the power of digital with them to reach and engage with more people, drive vital fundraising and find innovative ways to support every person affected by breast cancer.

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