Carer’s Trust youth support community, Babble wins prestigious award

Winners of the Young Carer award

An article by Nick Torday 27-02-2017

Over the years we’ve done a lot of pioneering work with young people online, from our partnership with Louis Vuitton and the Young Artist Programme through to our range of online support communities built in partnership with Carers Trust. 

It is for the latter that our work has been recognised with an award - the Young Carer award at the Children and Young People Now awards ceremony.

The Children & Young People Now Awards are the gold standard for everyone working with children, young people and families. These prestigious awards provide a great source of pride and recognition for all those who work so hard to improve the lives of others.

Babble is a place for young carers aged under 18 where they can chat with other young carers, share experiences and get information or advice in a fun and safe environment. 

We were commissioned by Carers Trust back in 2014 to develop the proposition that became Babble through an extensive co-creation process which we ran with young people from around the country. Since then we’ve seen it grow and flourish into a vibrant support community, which is now being rightly recognised with this award.

Michele Lambert, Head of Digital Communications at Carers Trust, commented that;

“We’re delighted with this award as it recognises the invaluable contribution that our online support services provide to young people. We would like to thank Edo for everything they did to make Babble a reality. Their expertise in developing online engagement and working creatively with young people to create something they want to be a part of was hugely valuable for us and for the audience”. 

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