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An article by Lauren Howells 09-11-2017

Change and technology consultancy Edo release a whitepaper giving CEOs and business leaders the insight to develop and nurture transformative business change.

Focussing on the four key tenets of organisational change; a customer centred ethos, progressive leadership, capability and skills and technology as the engine, Edo’s whitepaper gives business leaders the insight, actionable steps and measurement criteria needed to progress transformation. 

The term ‘Digital Transformation’ has been used with great abandon in recent years. In this whitepaper, when Edo refer to transformation, they talk about an organisation’s capability to adapt to the new environment that digital, technology and communication is bringing about. 

Many organisations - even long established FTSE 100 brands - have been caught short by the pace of change around them, and the rapid development of technology. Edo’s whitepaper unpicks the key component parts of what an organisation needs to address to effect transformational change. It is not simply about products and services, but about the people, processes, behaviours and technologies that drive a progressive business culture. 

Edo’s whitepaper was written by Managing Director, Nick Torday who advises organisations on how technology and culture are shaping the future of business. He has worked with senior leadership of organisations including Amnesty International, Centrica, the United Nations, Cancer Research UK, Louis Vuitton and Tesco. 

Download Edo’s whitepaper, ’A customer centred culture’ here. 

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