Edo’s Away Day

Team day out on a boat

An article by Claire Lewis 29-08-2018

Edo recently took a day out of the office for the whole team to spend together and focus on some key business priorities. Our venue was the brilliant Floating Harbour Studios - a converted boat on the Welsh Back in the heart of Bristol. If we were to hold a retrospective after the event, a poll to see how many people get seasick would have been useful before booking the venue. Fortunately everyone survived with little drama (phew!) but the lesson has been learnt for next time - dry land venues only.

The team have been working harder than ever recently to really push the way that we work - both with our clients and with each other. This Away Day was an opportunity to pause, gather and get up to speed on a few key priorities. Our new MD, Claire Moyne, has brought her passion for leading in a people-centred fashion to the role and this day was a true reflection of this. In order for Edo to provide the most brilliant service to our customers, Edo needs to first provide a brilliant service to its employees and make sure they have the tools and know-how to thrive in their roles and teams.

These were the key themes to focus on during the day:

  • Understand and encourage a coaching culture where everyone knows their opinion counts and people are actively coached to provide options and solutions.
  • Build whole team’s skills and confidence in the ability to coach and be coached to drive growth at Edo, building on the momentum of the new MD’s approach.
  • Feel confident to discuss Edo's story in simple language and in their own personal way: what we do, how we do it and most importantly, why we do it.  

We were joined by the energetic and enthusiastic Deb Khan who facilitated the day allowing the whole team to participate, learn and contribute. Without a doubt, the day required everyone’s full attention and energy as it was jam-packed with practical sessions, theory and a spot of everyone’s favourite activity - role play. The first half of the day was spent exploring the principles of coaching and then considered what a coaching culture might look like at Edo.

After a delicious and wholesome lunch from our friends at Tiffin Time, we moved on to share Edo’s current story, what it means to each of us and how to comfortably and confidently communicate this to those outside of the business. A true reflection of how we work, Edo’s current ‘story’ is the outcome of a period of deep, extensive research and continual iteration. It was shared with the team along with permission and encouragement for each of us to study it, understand it and make it our own. It was identified that there’s no need to memorise it word-for-word, so long as we each fully understand the sentiment and can appropriate it to our own role and contribution to what Edo do.

The day was a long one, but full of positive conversations and plans for the near future. After wrapping up our day on the boat, we stepped back on to dry land and headed down the way to the Severn Shed for some down time and a well earned drink. There are already ripples of conversation about our next Away Day which we are planning for December. For a fast-paced, service based industry where many of our team spend much time out and about visiting clients and their customers, having these days in the diary are so important. They provide the perfect opportunity to gather the whole team in one place, check in with where we’re at as a business and take time to make sure we’re all on the same page.

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