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Do you know someone who lives and breathes technology?

An article by Claire Moyne 22-09-2017

Edo are an award-winning user-centred digital consultancy based in Bristol with London offices. We are on an exciting growth journey and are looking to find an incredibly important piece for our jigsaw. 

We are actively in the market looking for an inspirational Technology Director to join our leadership team and take us to the next level as the go-to consultancy working with some of the world’s most progressive organisations.

What are we looking for? 

We are looking for someone who lives and breathes technology - your passion for the latest developments in application development, machine learning and automation will be self-evident. You will also be able to humanise technology for a wide range of people, shaping our internal capability and inspiring our clients. 

The remit is broad - you will be just as comfortable scaling our cloud-based development infrastructure as you will be defining and selling in a creative technology-agnostic solution with a prospective client. We always aim to transform the capabilities of our clients through the lens of digital and technology - you will play a central role in driving that transformation.

See the full job description

Why Edo?

We recently won the prestigious TechSpark UK ‘Best Place to Work in Tech’ award - there’s a good reason for that - we value our people and create an environment within which they can flourish - we now need the right kind of leader to come in and inspire our team to kick on to the next level.

The role will be based in our Bristol office with relatively regular travel to London, the package is very attractive and competitive. 

Help us find the right person and we will treat you to a fantastic European city break

We want to spread this far and wide so that we give ourselves the best possible chance of finding the right person and inspirational leader. If you directly refer a candidate to us that is successful in securing the role and passes their probation period, we will provide you with two return flights plus accommodation to a beautiful European city of your choice*. The search is on!

*T&C’s apply - please see below

How to apply

  • If you are interested in applying for this role please email your CV and cover letter to jobs@edo.co
  • If you would like to refer someone for this role, please email jobs@edo.co with their CV, their contact details and the reason why you think they would be perfect for this role
  • See the full job description

Please do not contact us if you represent a recruitment agency - we already work with a small number of recruiters and aren't looking to work with any more.

General T&Cs

  • You must be the first referrer of the employee's CV. If we have already received their CV via another source, then you will not be applicable for the incentive.
  • The incentive is dependent on the employee completing probation, which will be 6 months' long.
  • You have up to £2,000 to spend on your holiday, including travel, accommodation, spending money and taxes.

Employee T&Cs

If you are an Edo employee, please read below:

  • If you have left the company by the time the employee has passed their probation then the incentive is no longer applicable.
  • It is your responsibility to research and choose the components of your holiday, including travel and accommodation. However, the company will purchase the holiday on your behalf.
  • The travel and accommodation will be seen as a "Benefit in Kind" to HMRC, and therefore taxable at your standard tax rate (20/40%). 
  • The remaining spending money will be added to your pay, and therefore subject to NIC (12%) and tax (20/40%).
  • For clarity, the holiday is not just restricted to Europe. However, if you wish to travel afar, and spend more than £2,000, then you will need to pay for the remainder. You may need to take a cash alternative in order to do this.
  • You can take a cash alternative, this will be added to your pay and subject to both NIC (12%) and tax (20/40%).
  • If you decide to take the holiday, you must take it within 12 months of the person passing their probation.
  • We will add two additional days to your holiday allowance, whether you take the holiday option or not. The two days will be added to the calendar year during which the holiday is taken, or the year the probation is passed if the cash alternative is taken.

Non-employee T&Cs

If you are not an Edo employee, please read below:

  • If successful you will need to provide Edo with an invoice for services rendered for £2,000.
  • You will be responsible for ensuring that you cover any tax associated with this income (with the exception of VAT, if invoicing through a VAT registered company).
  • It will be your responsibility to research and purchase your holiday.

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