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The value of time

An article by Claire Moyne 11-04-2018

We’ve got some big news we’d like to share with you. We’ve started to offer everyone at Edo the option to work a nine day fortnight. Everyone is motivated by different drivers and we felt that the time was right to start proactively offering not only a fair pay package, but also a more flexible work pattern.

The idea of working a nine day fortnight has been around for a while. It first made the headlines back in 2009 when many Australian businesses rolled the pilot out as an alternative to annual salary increases. To the surprise of many business leaders, when the time came around again to review salary increases, many of their employees opted to stay with the nine day fortnight working pattern having seen what value extra time had over money.

We’re all motivated by different things and the package that employers offer should be flexible in order to adapt to these variations as people move through life. Our team are all highly committed to their work and projects, but also have lives outside of work. Amongst the team we have many parents (of children and dogs), triathletes, marathon runners, artists, musicians, a yoga teacher and those who are in the process of completing professional training and learning. For some of these individuals, salary will always be on their priority list, but having more time to spend on the things, and with the people they love is also high on the list. We have been proud to say we are a ‘flexible’ employer and are excited to be pushing the boundaries and continuing to evaluate the best way to look after our employees.

We decided to offer working a nine day fortnight as the conversation around how we can be more of a flexible employer was picking up volume. The results of a recent employee monthly check-in gave the Leadership Team the confirmation they needed that this, indeed, was a change the team wanted. Like we said, everyone has different drivers, so not everyone has taken the option (those others have had their salary adjusted accordingly), but we are pleased to share that a wide spread of individuals are now working nine days a fortnight. Two members of the Leadership team have taken it up alongside members of the Development team, Client Partnerships team, People team and our Support Lead. We are all working together to make sure that the other nine working days aren’t impacted and that our clients support this change.

If you’re reading this and would like to discuss with the People team how we implemented this change, please feel free to contact us.

Watch this space to see what they all do with their extra day off!

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