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Understanding your content

An article by Kieran Forde 16-08-2016

There are two important questions that many who deal with online content don’t get to consider anywhere near often enough:

  • How many pages are on my website now?
  • Does anyone still need those pages?

Later this year, we’ll release a tool which takes the pain out of auditing website content.

No more attaching massive spreadsheets to emails then chasing the team for updates. No more watching your carefully honed work grow stale as you lose track of what’s changed since the last audit.



Want to see exactly how many pages are in each section of your site? Or how recently they were updated? How about a way to work with your team to collaboratively make improvements to the site and track changes?

We’re building Trim to do all of this in one place so that you and your website visitors can spend time online more effectively.

We believe that for every content creator, there should be a content owner: someone who knows why a page has been created and when it’s no longer relevant. Someone who can trim content when necessary. That requires a focus on audience groups, content objectives, readability, analytics... we could go on! It’s hard to keep track of all that.

A man using post-its to form a content plan


The more content you have the more difficult it gets to focus on what’s important. The more it costs you. The more opportunities to connect with your audience are lost. Trim shows you what’s most important, and helps you decide what’s not.


Content is central to our user-led ethos, so we spend a lot of time working with clients to make sure that what goes online is the best it can be. In our experience, auditing content is tedious (at best — it can be ‘tear-your-hair-out-and-find-a-new-job’ at worst!). Keeping your website in shape ongoing is even more difficult. Trim solves a problem we’ve been dealing with for years, and we think it’ll help others to do their jobs better too.

We’re working on the first version of Trim right now. To be the first to find out when Trim’s ready to try, head to to sign up for updates, follow us on Twitter, and keep an eye the Trim Medium channel.

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