My first month working at Edo

Learnings from my first few weeks

An article by Ruth Wood 27-01-2017

After nearly 15 years in publishing, I decided I wanted a change in my work life. I was after a new challenge that would put my coordinating skills to good use in a new environment. So, I jumped head first into the world of code, user experience, analytics and more at Edo.  

My first few days were overwhelming -  the acronyms being bounced around left me feeling bewildered! What on earth were these letters everyone was mentioning?! IA, UX, UAT, QA…? Even the hot and cold water contraption confused me on my first day! With little digital experience, it all seemed so alien to me. By the end of the first week I thought my head was going to explode with all the new information I was trying to take in. 

I had a bit of a wobble that I had made the wrong decision. Will I ever understand it all? Should I have moved away from my comfort zone?  The answer to these questions was yes! While I’m still learning, I’m understanding the basics and getting more and more confident each week. Over the past month I’ve gotten my head around processes and with great support from my manager Ady, and others around me, I’ve started to feel part of the Edo team. 

Now I’m a month in and I’m loving the role. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly, it is so refreshing to work for a company who care about their staff and their clients. I’ve had meetings with nearly all departments across the business to get an understanding of what they do and how it all comes together. When our Managing Director, Nick said in our meeting that I was employed for my people and coordinating skills it gave me a boost, it’s nice to know that the company believe in me and are willing to help me grow and learn within the company. 

I’m excited to see what the next few months hold! 

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