Nick Torday to become a member of the RSA Fellowship community

The RSA community enriching society through ideas and action

An article by Naomi Jeremy 17-08-2017

The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) have invited Edo’s Managing Director, Nick Torday to become a member of their Fellowship community.

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The RSA has been at the forefront of social change for over 260 years. Their mission is to encourage enlightened thinking and spur on the collaborative action needed to address today’s most pressing social challenges. By sharing cutting edge research and driving innovation, the RSA create networks and opportunities for people to collaborate and create real world impact.

On inviting him to become a Fellow, Nick’s commitment to empowering organisations to enable innovation was highlighted. It reads:

“In light of your outstanding commitment to empowering clients and organisations to create digitally-led cultures in which innovation can thrive and improving people’s lives with technology. We believe you have an important contribution to make in supporting our work and you will be a valuable addition to the Fellowship community”.

Nick joins the growing global network of 27,000 like-minded people and he is looking forward to being part of a movement that is enriching society through ideas and action. 

To find out more about Nick’s latest thinking and the work he has been championing, check out his recent interview for Communicate Magazine ‘Five minutes with Nick Torday

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