Introducing the wonderful work of our charity partner, One25

Our local charity partnership

An article by Claire Lewis 04-05-2017

During my first week working at Edo, I was told that the company had decided on a chosen charity of the year to support and this would be local Bristol based charity, ‘One25’.

News of this partnership made my ears prick up and I was delighted to hear that as part of my role I would be leading the planning of fundraising events and support activities. Having previously worked in a regional fundraising office, this was territory that I was familiar and comfortable in - unlike the world of UX which I was still trying to understand!

The suggestion of partnering with One25 was made by Nick Torday, our Managing Director, who was keen to support a small local charity whose services directly affected people within the Bristol community. 

In their own words One25:

“...reach out to women trapped in, or vulnerable to, street sex work, supporting them to break free and build new lives away from violence, poverty and addiction.”

One25 offer a beacon of light and hope to vulnerable women who share a similar neighbourhood to us, but unlike all of us, these women do not have a warm, safe home to go home to at the end of their working day. One25 have three main services that they provide:

Outreach Van - The van and outreach volunteers go out five nights of the week and provide women with nutritious food, hot drinks and a safe space to talk. This is often the first point of contact women have with One25.

Drop-in Centre - The drop-in centre is a women-only space where women gain practical and emotional support; from basic needs (a hot shower, launderette, free clothing, nutritious lunch) to expert advice and crisis care from a caseworker or visiting professional.

Casework - One25 offer one-to-one casework, supporting each woman in taking steps to improve her quality of life and acting as personal advocate when necessary.

A number of us were lucky enough to visit the drop-in centre and have a tour of the outreach van. The amount of organisation and care taken to maintain both of these services was immediately evident. Often the drop-in centre is the only place the women feel safe (and warm) enough to actually sleep so the centre has a dedicated large area filled with comfy, colourful sofas to nap on. In one corner of the room was the women’s very own clothes shop - a well stocked rail of seasonal clothes for the women to try on, share and keep. In another corner of the room was a big table where daily meals are served and a nutritious menu listing three courses of high-calorie, nourishing food. These meals are most likely than not the only food the women eat until the next time they visit.

Hopefully you are starting to appreciate what an incredible charity One25 is, and can understand our motivations for supporting them. We have a colourful fundraising plan which features a range of events including:

  • Sponsored runs and cycle rides
  • Prize draws and raffles
  • Weekly yoga classes
  • Pub quiz
  • Climbing event
  • Cake and coffee sale
  • Participating in the annual Bristol homeless sleepout 
  • Monthly payroll giving

As well as raising funds, we intend to support One25 by giving them our time and resources through:

  • Skill sharing with One25’s staff and volunteers
  • Pro-bono consultancy work
  • Donating seasonal items (warm coats/umbrellas/sun hats etc) 
  • Raising awareness of their services through social media (and blog posts like this one)

We have a fundraising target of £10,000 for the year. This amount would practically and emotionally support 22 women who have been violently attacked out on the streets. It can help care for them through the long and difficult process of getting justice against their attackers.

If you would like to make a donation to our chosen charity of the year, please visit our Just Giving page. Just £5 can keep the tea, coffee and hot chocolate on One25's outreach van topped up for a whole month, ready to warm the hands of women trapped out in the cold. 

For more info on One25, please visit their website:

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