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An article by Alex Barker 28-03-2018

Here at Edo, our Experience team are an essential part of the work that we do.

No two days are the same for our Experience Consultants. The team will typically work on a range of projects at any given time. Projects can range from pure research pieces to full design and builds, meaning that the team get to develop skills in user research and discovery as well as design and prototyping. Even though the context of a project can vary greatly, one thing that is consistent across them all is the sense of social good. Historically our clients have mainly been from the third sector, but more recently we have started to become more industry-agnostic. Whilst this has led us to work on some exciting projects with more commercial companies and healthcare providers, the outcome from these partnerships has still made a positive social impact. This focus is what has, and continues to, attract the people that work at Edo.

The Experience team has always had a non-hierarchical structure which allows people’s individual skills to flourish, although recently we saw the opportunity to develop two roles to take this a stage further. Principal Experience Consultants, acting as project and client relational leads, now work alongside User Experience Consultants. This enables pair-programming and even more collaboration than before. Our Experience team members get to work together on projects and less experienced team members get to build their confidence in a more mid-weight role, whilst being supported by a more senior practitioner.

The culture of our team reflects Edo’s values. Regardless of how much project work we have on, we always prioritise regular time to meet as a team. These sessions are an opportunity to share knowledge, to peer review each other’s work and to explore new ways of thinking and working. The team often volunteer to run monthly Lunch & Learns for the wider to team to learn from the activities we’re doing and subjects we’re talking about with the UX community.

Outside of the office, our Experience team are well-respected, and well-known within the UX community. This year we have started hosting UCD Bristol which is a great monthly meetup for anyone already working in UX, or wanting to learn more about the discipline. The team have a busy speaking schedule coming up with Helen & Mike flying up to Edinburgh for UX Scotland and I’ll be heading to London for the UXD Healthcare conference next month. As the team continues to grow, we look forward to being present at even more UX events across the country.

Beyond the day-to-day, I’m also a UX Mentor for Google launchpad, so frequently travel to various places mentoring startups on the virtues of user-centred design. This is made possible by the support and self-management of the Experience team, for whom I am grateful to be leading, constantly learning from and proud of.

We are currently recruiting for both a Principal Experience Consultant and User Experience Consultant. If you’re interested in either role you can contact me or the People team directly.

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