My nine day fortnight

Enjoying my first non-working Friday

An article by Paula Heasman 26-04-2018

I skipped work last Friday.

Okay, as everyone who knows me will testify, this is not a characteristic of mine! I am a Work Nerd. In actual fact, Friday was the beginning of my new working routine.

When Edo offered me the chance to work 9 days per fortnight, with every other Friday as a non-working day, I jumped at the chance! It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I had been conscious lately that I needed a little more work-life balance. There’s always so much to pack into weekends and sometimes by the time Sunday evening comes round you feel like you need another weekend. I’ve also recently started studying for my CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting and have guiltily struggled to fit it in around work.

So, what did I do on my first non-working Friday? I decided that it needed to be special; I wanted to make sure that I didn’t waste it.

I started off the morning in a coffee shop in Clifton; I read my book and sent a long-overdue email to a friend. I then moseyed on to The Lido, where I had a massage and facial and then used their amazing pool and spa facilities. The pool was bracing at first but the sun was out and it felt good exercising those muscles.

My spa package then concluded with a two course lunch. We so often eat out socially, and it’s great to “break bread” together. However, there’s also something beautiful about doing this alone and the mindfulness you get from savouring your food.

After lunch I started my walk down Park Street to the bus stop home. I walked past the Bristol Museum and saw that the Grayson Perry exhibition was on. I spontaneously decided to venture in and see his tapestries. After all, I had the time to do it.

When I got home my husband was already there (in his words, he runs a “life-style business”). We decided to celebrate and opened a nice bottle of sparkling wine. The perfect way to end a perfect non-working day!

My three-day weekend gave me the opportunity to stop, relax and recharge. When I returned on Monday my colleagues commented on how rested I was. I really did feel ready and raring to go.

Thanks Edo for giving me some time back!

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