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Our evolution with a new brand

An article by Nick Torday 18-05-2017

I’m really excited to announce the latest chapter in our evolution as a business. After many years of developing great client relationships with the likes of Amnesty International, Nokia, Bristol Energy, Ofcom and the Forestry Commission under the Sift Digital brand, we are now moving to the next stage of our development under our new name - Edo.

The Sift business was formed by our Chairman Ben Heald back in the late 1990’s, with the original brand narrative behind the name being to “sift the good from the bad” in terms of valuable online content. Sift Digital came into being as part of the Sift Group in the early 2000’s and rapidly grew as the digital consultancy arm, with early client engagements across a diverse range of sectors, from global publishers like Euromoney to the NHS. 

From 2012 onwards our proposition began to shift much more towards customer experience and change management consultancy. Our first major engagement in that year was with Amnesty International, helping them to understand the role digital and technology would play in their global transition programme of devolving human rights capabilities back out to individual nations. 

Throughout 2015 we recognised that it no longer made strategic sense to be part of the wider Sift Group so at the end of that year we went through a statutory demerger process to become an independent business. In 2016 we moved to our new office on Bristol’s equivalent of the silicon roundabout, and now in May 2017 our journey is complete as we move on from the Sift family name altogether and become Edo.

Why Edo? Well, everyone loves an origin story and ours is super simple - edo is Latin for ‘to raise up’. This is absolutely our intention with every one of our client engagements - to raise them up to greater heights and deliver better services and experiences for their customers, supporters, advocates and colleagues.

Our mission remains the same, to bring together people, culture and technology to create measurable organisational value - ultimately to ensure that all our clients are future fit and have the capability to rapidly respond to the changing market dynamics around them.

Finally, I want to express gratitude to Ben Heald and the wider Sift family, including CEO Tom Dunkerley, for all the support they’ve given us over the years and in particular through the separation process which could have been fraught with difficulty and was anything but. We wish them all the best for their future too as we begin our exciting new chapter under the Edo brand.

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