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Balancing quality of work with quality of life

An article by Kit Hunwicks 21-05-2018

It’s vital that as a professional, you deliver high quality work. It means you have pride in what you’re doing, that you’re asked to deliver more work and that you gain a good reputation for doing so - leading to even more work. This keeps your business going. It’s much easier to deliver high quality work if you’re not over stressed, concerned about a lack of time or worried about your health. You also need to feel you’re working with a great team, for excellent clients and that you’re learning.

I’ve been working in this industry since 2003 (a halcyon year - Daniel Bedingfield topped the charts, Bad Boys 2 was released and England won the Rugby World Cup) and in those 15 years I don’t think I’ve ever been able to tick as many of those boxes as I now can.

Edo, like many organisations, has always talked a good game around work-life balance, career development, flexible working and caring about employee wellbeing. Recently though it seems that our People Team has helped to deliver against a number of those aspirations.

We’ve delved deeper into career development plans, taking our time during reviews to really listen to our people, find out what their long term ambitions are, and look at how we can help them get there. We’re also developing skill share and learning programmes, via 1-on-1 pair-programming, mentoring, through ‘lunch and learns’ and wider knowledge sharing.

As far as personal wellbeing is concerned, we've the flexibility to make time to exercise (if we like, it's not compulsory), lunchtime yoga, a free onsite gym, weekly football, we won our category in the Bristol 10k race, and we're part of the cycle to work scheme. We recently won a commendation from Sustrans for the business in our category with the greenest and healthiest commute.

Practical benefits like generous pension contributions, life insurance, a health cash plan and childcare vouchers make life easier and give us less to worry about. Indeed, when it comes to ‘perks’, I was struck by this article I saw on Linkedin today: “Dog parks, free cars and yoga classes: Work perks at the UK’s Top Companies”. It lists (as the title suggests) a number of perks given by some large corporates - Edo (working within our means - we’re a not a global automotive manufacturer able to dole out free cars) matches a number of the top perks: flexible working, encouraging fitness, giving back days, employee discounts, buying and selling holiday, and more.

Finally, but far from ‘least’ is the why we do what we do. Our industry, that of 'business consultancy', and 'digital' doesn't always show a human side, a purpose led ethos, but we do. Our work with Amnesty International, the WWF, Alzheimer's Society, Sue Ryder, Royal College of Physicians, Bristol Energy, and many others means that the team isn’t selling one more pair of trainers, or pack of batteries. Rather we're having a positive impact on global human rights, on early diagnosis, or energy poverty.

I think the balance of quality of work and life here at Edo is as high as I’ve ever known in the 15 years I’ve been doing work like this. Obviously, if we could sort out England winning the World Cup again it’d be better, though I don’t really need to see Daniel Bedingfield back again...

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