"Edo are instrumental in building the capability and capacity we need for the future"

Samantha Fanning
Head of Digital Communications

Organisational impact

Over 250,000 adults a year trained through workplace and community initiatives
More than 200,000 young people trained annually
Over 3.4 million website visits per year
40,000+ events per year supported and attended by St John Ambulance personnel

We discovered

St John Ambulance is one of the oldest institutions of its kind and part of the worldwide venerable order of St John, or Knights Hospitaller. The order was first established in the early 12th century so St John can genuinely trace its roots back to the medieval period! Modern day St John Ambulance is the nation’s leading first aid charity, providing first aid free at the point of delivery. Throughout history St John has been a lynchpin in the provision of first aid - they were the only ambulance and domiciliary healthcare in some areas of the UK prior to the National Health Service being established.

St John Ambulance came to Edo to help build the capacity and capability to modernise service delivery through the use of technology.

We designed

  • Comprehensive internal & external discovery
  • Complex systems and e-commerce audit and integration
  • Front end design development
  • Skills & capabilities auditing
  • Experience mapping
  • Content strategy
  • Governance and workflow
  • Digital brand guidelines
A St John Ambulance customer experience map
A St John Ambulance first aid rep

We delivered

St John Ambulance is a hugely important organisation providing education and delivery of essential first aid services. As their strategic technology and change partner, we are proud to be helping St John Ambulance define the future of first aid delivery. Having created a clear roadmap to becoming a more data and technology driven organisation, we are delivering ongoing, long-term cultural and operational transformation.

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