“Edo is a refreshingly forward thinking business that I wouldn’t hesitate to work with again”

Owen Valentine Pringle
Director of Digital Communications

Organisational impact

Global federated network across 150 countries
3 million supporters members and activists
2 days 70 global delegates
Learning and development plan focussed on areas of excellence, for the entire organisation

We discovered

Amnesty is a global movement across 150 countries with more than 3 million supporters, members and activists who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights. We were appointed to solve a business critical challenge.

It was identified that there were ‘digital divides’ across the global organisation. Only very few countries had the investment and capability to be effective in mobilising fundraising and activism through digital channels, while others were underdeveloped and much less effective.

This lack of investment into skills and capabilities left Amnesty increasingly on the edge of the global conversation, with an inability to respond and react in a fluid media environment.

We designed

  • Stakeholder research
  • Global Skills & capabilities audit
  • Cultural landscape analysis 
  • Global governance and workflow analysis
  • Global skillshare conference

We delivered

Global competencies framework 

We designed a set of principles and key structural recommendations, resulting in the Digital Competencies Framework. The framework outlined the matrix of skills and capabilities required across the global federation to move towards a digitally enabled culture.

Global skillshare conference

We designed and facilitated a global skillshare conference. Taking place over 2 days and involving over 70 delegates from as far afield as New Zealand and Argentina, this was a catalyst for embedding the principles established in the Competency Framework.

Training & development roadmap 

We delivered a training & development plan to ensure broader development of core skills in line with the Digital Competency Framework

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